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  • Transportation


RC Services’ after-hours, rapid emergency-response, toll-free number is available to our clients and their policyholders 24/7, nationwide. Our team of reliable, experienced and highly competent transportation claim professionals is trained to be flexible and resourceful. Our trained claims professionals include both staff and associated adjusters, who specialize in transportation claims throughout the continental United States. We offer a high-value, low-cost solution that allows you to control LAE by utilizing our in-place nationwide field claim resources.

Overview of Services:

  • Long haul/Intermodal Trucking
  • Commercial Auto Liability – Primary & Excess
  • Auto Physical Liability
  • Motor Cargo
  • Non-Trucking Liability
  • Truckers’ General Liability

Core Services

The experienced RC team is trained on all aspects of your “critical event” claim requirements. Using state-of-the-art technology we will have your company information, protocols and contact information, so the chain of command and information flow will be configured. Our adjusters will direct, supervise and control all “critical events” until your business hours resume. Our critical event services include:

  • Classification of event, if warranted, dispatch of field adjusters, reconstructionist and coordinating counsel.
  • Email reporting from scene of the accident.
  • Email status reporting every 2 hours until the site investigation is concluded.


Immediate notification of the accident means “no late reporting.” Immediate classification of the accident by an RC adjuster.

  • The three phases of the Rapid Response Include:
    • Phase One: Get rapid response personnel in place to complete evidence collection and scene preservation.
    • Phase Two: Clean-up of accident site, storage of equipment, completion of scene investigation, crisis communications, brand preservation, and investigation and handling of all claimants and witnesses.
    • Phase Three: Analysis of all collected evidence and preliminary determination as to liability and damage exposure.

Continuous management updates from the scene by an RC Services adjuster. We deliver a summary report submitted within 8 hours. You will have a nationwide network of transportation adjusters, reconstruction experts, and counsel at your fingertips.

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