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  • Florida CAT Services


    Experienced CAT Team

    Experienced Management Staff

  • Florida CAT Services


    Experienced CAT Team

    Experienced Management Staff

  • Florida CAT Services


    Experienced CAT Team

    Experienced Management Staff

Florida CAT Services

Major disasters have a low probability of occurring, but when they do, they have devastating consequences. Designing response structures for such events is a monumental task. Public resources are overwhelmed and county, state, and occasionally, federal agencies, require private outside intervention. These private companies must have the expertise, experience and trust to succeed. A managed response, under critical timelines, with reliable communication pathways has to be established and maintained. Finally, and most importantly, dependable information must be presented appropriately, accurately, and timely.


CAT Claim Division

Experienced CAT Team and Management Staff. RC Services’ adjusters have a minimum of ten (10) years experience.
  • 24-hour, on-line access to claims.
  • 24-hour call center.
  • On-site principal management.
  • Dedicated, experienced contents/LAE unit.

Our CAT Team can handle all losses: single family residence, high value dwellings, apartment buildings condominiums, and more…

CAT Experience

We have responded and assisted in 7 Named hurricanes with proven capabilities in the following:
  • construction experience
  • local building ordinance
  • coverage interpretation

We take pride in an aggressive in-house management organization with over 20 years experience. RC Services’ adjusters are in constant motion at various locations as they simultaneously apply workplace rules within a field of action.


Principals of CAT Management

72 hours prior to event: strike criteria initiated, command center established, field staging center scouted. All CAT Adjusters and backroom personnel placed on call.

48 Hours prior to the event: RC Services’ pre-strike staff assignments and catastrophic handling procedures reviewed, equipment allocated, all staff commanded to report for briefing, task duty assignments [field, backroom, facilities, IT, etc].

24 hours prior to event: RC Services to provide client and government officials with updated list of key personnel and all contact information.


CAT Adjustment

Upon receipt of catastrophe files, all losses would be categorized by zip code.
  • All high strike areas are identified.
  • RC Services’ adjusters are assigned by level of experience.
  • Finally, an on-line status of the critical path of each loss is identified.

Communication with our CAT Team

Once RC Services’ CAT adjuster has collected the important data, a mutual resolution plan will be reached with the policyholder. Next, once the factual adjustment has been completed, our claims specialist will:
  • assess coverage
  • determine limits of coverage and property damage
  • convey payment recommendations to you.

CAT Model

Our model blends four (4) critical and inter-dependent components:
  • A purely dedicated CAT Team.
  • A claims administration platform that facilitates early identification and resolution of problematic claims, accelerates close with payment, and shortens disposition rate.
  • Exceptional claim management services deployed at policyholder level with a single point of accountability.
  • An integrated and systematic approach to claims resolution.

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